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What Is Xen Hosting And Which Are The Pros To Those That Implement It

by Carmela Allison Delaney

What is Xen cloud servers hosting and what are its benefits to you as a user is the question that many are asking. Technology is changing so fast that it is difficult to maintain the latest trends and efficiencies for our lives. Xen host used to be just a research project at a famous renown college. That turned into a business, which in turn became a buy out and name changing occurred during that time. Finally it became open source and is free to all users.

The Xen systems are put together in layers of software. The very lowest layer is what is called the hypervisor and it has the most privileges of all the layers. Several operating systems can be scheduled to run on the CPU at one time with the hypervisor. The first operating system is known as the domain 0, or better known as dom0. Dom0 starts up automatically when hypervisor is booted up and receives privileges. The system administrator has the authority to access the dom0 and manage it with all other operating systems, also known as domU or domain users.

Virtualization through the Xen hosting hypervisor has become the industry standard on all CPU infrastructures. In can support just about any operating system including windows. Public cloud and hosting services rely on the power of Xen hosting.

Industry virtualization items and desktop virtualization all have Xen basics in common. Businesses that are interested in powering up their servers and collective farm servers, cutting charges and difficulties, are finding virtualization the way to go. Xen hypervisor is the best and fastest known virtualization package available.

The layer known as the hypervisor give each individual server access to one virtual server or several virtual servers working in the background. This helps to divide the operating system and its applications from the server below it. Xen hypervisor is the leading source in the industry.

This technology was further developed by some of the best companies in the business. These businesses worked together to create the Xen host base cloud and made it open source, or free for all to use in source and object formats. This ensures that the technology will always be open sourced in a way that brings the industry together for the purpose of speeding up the use of virtualization in all ventures.

One great thing about the hypervisor is that is does not have a lot of code to tie up space. At only 150,000 lines of Xen coding, it is fairly small and leaves room for better quality performance from the hypervisor and more space for the operating systems. The other great thing is that the hypervisor is so strong is can protect against future viruses and device failures.

Xen host can have many different kinds of operating systems which makes it neutral. When you use dom0, any OS you want can be placed on it. Processing guest operating systems is faster and no slow downs occur from unrelated systems. There is a Xen community who are there to help should you need it. Paravirtualization is the new technology and is part of the mainstream business. These and many more are reasons why what is Xen hosting and what are its benefits to to you as a user are important to you.

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