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Using Your Smart phone in Class and Academics

by James Weinner

Due to advent in technology e-learning is taking making its way in most schools and soon it will be the backbone of our education system. As e-learning ventures into the schools it is important to highlight some of the effects the instruments of e-learning like the Samsung Focus S will have on our schools.

Technology has bring a boost in our society. The advent in technology especially since the introduction of the internet life has been made easier. You must have to think of days when you have to wait for many days for receiving your simple letters. Technology has brought us really far, nowadays folks don't go to movie theaters with your mobile phone you can just watch a movie that is streamlined online. What of our schools? e-learning is making learning more convenient and fun.

The advantage of having this device in school is the ease and convenience of having access to reading materials. You can search different books and research papers which are available online. Instead of carrying a heavy luggage of books all the time the students can easily store these books inform of eBooks hence have access to them anytime anywhere. You can have a clear view of the text and videos through the clear screen. Great thanks should be given to a screen protector which ensures that the screen is all the time protected from finger prints and scratches.

If you are interested in doing research then this smart phone will be really good for you. The Speed of the internet is really good because of the 4G network and Wi-Fi capabilities, so this will save time of the students. If a student is doing research in any area where the 4G network is not working properly then you can turn on Wi-Fi settings to have good coverage. The Wi-Fi will also help to reduce the cost of data bandwidth because the mobile are normally costly for the students. From the World Wide Web the student can also have access to over hundreds of practice questions which they can use to test their understanding since they get instant results.

The students can also access the video tutorials through the video capabilities of this smart phone. The wide 4 inch screen ensures that the student has a good view of the video. There are two cameras in this gadget one is on the front side of the mobile which can be used for having a discussion with the fellow students or the teacher. The charger is a very important part of the Samsung Focus S accessories since they ensure that the smart phone is always in charge. There are other types of accessories which can be used to enhance learning. You can receive these accessories for a very affordable prices.

There are other accessories that are not helpful to the students during learning however they are worth to be mentioned. These are cases, the cases are mainly meant for protection and maintaining the beauty of this device. This device may also have negative consequences on our schools since the internet contains almost anything hence the students may have access to materials which will only destroy their moral values and impact negative results.

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