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Enjoy fast internet connectivity with the best Belkin N wireless router

by Adam Sawyer

Technology has advanced quickly in the last few years. In the past, we were compelled to be linked to a wire in order to able to surf the internet. This was designed to constrain our liberty. These days, thanks to wireless modems we are able to move anywhere in the home or the home office and nonetheless have full online connectivity. It's difficult when the Internet speed must be divided to more than a couple of persons. Having internet through cables, especially when it comes via a router, is rather slow and can regularly be annoying.

Elements alter when a wi-fi router is concerned. It splits the internet rate similarly and enables you to access all the pages. In terms of routers the query comes up: which one is best? Among the most efficient routers we should definitely incorporate Belkin.

* Why pick out Belkin?

The advantage of the Belkin router is the user friendly feature and has a good system status display, along with an powerful setup tutorial. It also features stellar support, security solutions and simple rank icons. Furthermore, the router has a simple, but eye catching design with glowing blue status LEDs. The pitch of this router is 2.4 GHz and it also consists of a USB interface, version 2.0. Hence, it's easier to connect it using a USB storage space gadget.

* Characteristics of the Belkin N router

The Belkin N router includes a variety of ports: WAN or wide area network that helps you get Internet having a DSL modem or cable, the previously mentioned USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet connectors, 4 of them. The icons and the lights on the top panel are exposed from a range of 20 feet. This kind of router as well includes omnidirectional antennas which have a MIMO setup 2 by 2. Hence, they've got 2 transmitters and also 2 receivers. An essential attribute would be that the antennas are adaptable so that you could acquire the best pace by setting them as you wish.

The wireless router comes with software that permits a quick-installation. It has a few simple steps and also a fairly easy to stick to trouble shooting procedure. If you need to benefit from the safety setup you'll have to look for the Security Assistant on the CD. This software will allow you to choose from the WAP2 and WEP file encryption configurations. Out of the 2, the most safeguarded is WPA2.

You have to know that numerous features are offered by the Belkin N Wireless router. Aside from the set-up administrator, the gadget also includes a storage manager that operates pretty fast. It recognizes various systems and maps them as regional drivers. Additionally, this special wireless router supports guest access.

* Why should people get the Belkin N wireless router?

This product is extremely sensible for those who have youngsters, because it enables you to control the kids' personal computer use. You could prohibit internet sites that include certain words, block out URLs or set daily activities.

Last but not least, the router comes with an access-point function that sometimes makes it operate as a community bridge. The performance of the innovative Belkin N wireless router is pretty outstanding. At 20 feet the through-put is usually 47 Mbps while at 50 feet it is around 30 Mbps. Overall, The Belkin N router is a wonderful gadget that goes far beyond many other routers from the identical category.

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Title: Enjoy fast internet connectivity with the best Belkin N wireless router
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