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How Can Dedicated Servers Infrastructure Work?

by Claude Glenda Knapp

When the question how does dedicated server architecture work is asked it provokes an image of web hosting systems. This is not the only application for this type of system. The web hosting solution is probably the most common in the public's mind, but many companies use dedicated servers to separate systems that have high volume and need to be able to handle the processing without interference from other types of systems.

Shared and dedicated server hosting systems often use the same type of hardware. The difference is in how they are used. The shared system often has multiple programs or customers using the same hardware. The stand-alone system is specifically set aside for one program or customer to use.

You may wonder how it works. All computers connected to an internal or external network have an individual IP address. A router is setup to route the specific traffic needed to the box appropriately. An example is a web address. Each address is mapped to a single IP address. When a shared environment exists, the IP address is then mapped internally to the specific location on the hard drive. A dedicated system does not have to have the additional mapping included because the system is stand-alone.

Many companies use these systems for email or financial systems. Because these types of systems are usually highly critical to daily operation, having them on a separate system frees them to avoid crashes from other applications and to use the entire processor for the individual purpose. Sharing many applications on a single box can slow each application due to sharing. If one application crashes, it can take several systems down at the same time.

Web hosts offer dedicated hosting to their customers. The reason is to protect those customers that cannot afford for their website to be affected by others on the same system. On a shared system, both the processor and IP address are shared with other customers.

The advantages of having a stand-alone system are many. The shared IP address can become a problem if one of the shared hosting customers happens to be involved in sending spam. In this case, the entire IP address may be blacklisted and rejected when emails are sent from other customer accounts. If a shared customer happens to run a program that has a bug causing the system to crash, every customer on that particular shared box will temporarily lose their websites.

Increased costs are minimal when weighed against the risks. If your email system, website, or financial systems are down because of other customers or out of control programs, your business can be impacted immediately. If your system is stand-alone, you know that other programs and customers will not be able to cause damage to your system or reputation.

It is important to understand the way dedicated servers work in contrast to shared systems. For internal systems, having critical systems separated from the rest can save many headaches for both technical support and employees. For web hosting, being able to avoid potential pitfalls by keeping your site available when others may be having trouble will be the difference between happy and unhappy customers.

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