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Have You Considered this Surprising Small Business Networking Group?

by Barbra Sundquist

"Networking". Does that word give you the shivers? Or even a deep sense of dread that makes you want to hide under the covers? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many small business entrepreneurs feel that way.

But let's face it: networking is an important tool for small business success. Even if you have the best product or service, with the lowest price possible, if nobody knows about it then you won't sell anything.

The good news is that networking groups can actually be fun, as long as you choose a small business networking group that suits you and your business. Today I'd like to suggest a group that you might not even realize is good for networking: Toastmasters.

Although you might associate Toastmakers strictly with public speaking, being a member of this group can give you added networking benefits. So it's like killing two birds with one stone.

For one thing, Toastmasters is recognized as a leadership building tool, so the people you will meet in your local Toastmasters group make great small business networking contacts. Public speaking is all about learning to speak eloquently and without fear while utilizing listening skills in order to recognize and react to another speaker's body language - thus gaining a deeper insight and understanding of their unspoken needs. In business, this knowledge is often worth its weight in gold.

Another advantage of Toastmasters is that their training provides a variety of communication tools that promote spontaneity in both thoughts and actions. It is also designed to provide its members with performance improvements guaranteed to hone leadership skills, build confidence and improve self-image. All of this happens while you are interacting with other people who may need your product or service, or know someone else who does.

In Toastmasters you get the chance to practice communication skills by giving speeches. Why not choose a business topic for your speech? That way you not only hone your communication skills, you also display your business expertise at the same time!

The thing that most people dread about small business networking events is the feeling that you have to "sell" yourself, and the fear that no one is interested in hearing about you and your business. By joining a group like Toastmasters, you can meet people and inform them about your business without feeling that you are imposing on them. It's a win-win!

Although there is a membership fee to join Toastmasters, it is a good investment when you consider the potential enormous return in the end. Toastmasters chapters are available all throughout the United States and Canada.

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