Research In Motion Releases Blackberry Mobile Conferencing 2.0 Blackberry Mobile Conferencing 2.0,Blackberry Phones

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Research In Motion Releases Blackberry Mobile Conferencing 2.0

by Matthew Cottman

Blackbery Mobile Conferencing, the free mobile conferencing app from Research In Motion (Rim) is just improved in the latest version. Blackberry Mobile Conferencing 2.0 features a number of upgrades and enhancements that blackberry clients are sure to find terribly useful in handling all their wishes for mobile conferencing.

It has never been better to initiate and manage conference calls using Research In Motion (Rim) 's Blackberry smartphones now the company has released Blackberry Mobile Conferencing 2.0. The popular mobile conferencing Blackberry app is a free download, and included in the upgrade is a large number of cutting edge new enhancements like an integrated email element that has the power to convert amail thread into a prepared three-way call by utilizing seminar bridge settings cleverly modified to the user's wants.

Blackberry Mobile Conferencing 2.0 also makes use of Augmented routines that interface much more completely with other potential sources of information regarding conferences. For instance, the Blackberry Calendar is now simply integrated, and teleconference details are incorporated simply with no fuss. And the greatly improved capability to store up to 10 conference profiles makes planning and organising significant phone meetings easier than ever. This means a serious amount less bother for business men who are consistently on the go. Managing three-way calls has now also been made more acceptable with non-public moderator codes, which go a great way toward ensuring a smoothly run and well-controlled conference.

Tele-conferences can often be particularly busy and trying on the organizers and participants, but with Blackberry Mobile Conferencing 2.0 at least the preparation and organisation of the meeting can go on highly smoothly and simply.

Anything that makes somebody's life easier in this era is a welcome relief. For the businessman who just desires to get it done right and with a minimal of fuss, Blackberry Mobile Conferencing 2.0 is a really competitive solution. Research In Motion has taken a great step forwards with the releasing of Blackberry Mobile Conferencing 2.0, which is certain to establish a more easy to use and intuitive mobile conferencing environment for every person concerned.

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