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Getting More Followers On Google Plus To Grow Your Circles

by Leon McLuur

Some people use social networking to stay in touch with everyone else. Others use it as part of their marketing tactics. No matter how people choose to use them, social networking is very popular. Google Plus is a newcomer in this arena. When you have already set up an account with it, getting more followers on Google Plus is one of the tasks ahead.

Go to your homepage. You can instantly add new friends there by clicking on "Circle" then "Find and Invite". A list of people who are in your Gmail contacts will appear. Below them are different circles. Simply drag each one of them to the corresponding circle.

Apart from the ones already there (Family, Friends, Acquaintances and Following) you may also add a new circle. Such can be done by dropping the person on the leftmost circle. If you wish to add people manually, simply click "Add a new person".

Invite your contacts in your other social networking site accounts to join you on this new venture. Some people may have not heard of it yet. Post an announcement that you already have an account there. Place a link to your profile so that people who also got their accounts there may put you to their circles. Inform those who don't have theirs yet to tell you their e-mail addresses so you may send them invitations.

Be on the lookout for famous people putting up their accounts. Be it a recording artist, movie actor, painter or book writer, send the person an invitation. Participate actively in the posts so people there who are also looking for more followers may go over your profile and invite you if they find your comments there interesting enough.

Come up with striking posts that can go viral. It can be an amazing photograph, a nifty quote, amazing drawings or funny video clips. No matter what it is, see to it that it's worthy of being reposted or shared to others. Choose "Extended Circles" or "Public" to ensure that everyone can access it. If people like it, it's not unlikely for them to right away add you to their circles.

Leaving sensible comments on the posts of your friends can also help you in getting more followers on Google Plus. Engage in some discussions and make sure that your comments are a total standout. Naturally, people who will be able to read your comments will be interested with you and might want you to become their friend as well.

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