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Mapquest Driving Directions

by Ben Madison

The best services on the web are free, I love online mapping websites, I have used many online mapping softwares, and to be honest it is really difficult to find a better web mapping software than Google Maps or Map Quest, I have never been able to find a software that's better than the ones I just mentioned, that's why they are still my favorite.

I have been using these online mapping services since they were launched, started using MQ in 1996, and I started using Google Maps in 2006, I have always been addicted to Geography and GIS technology so I have always been deeply interested in online mapping technology.

Mapquest driving directions are probably the best on the web, they are free, they are super accurate, and they are easy to follow. Google driving directions are also amazing, it does not matter which service you use, because both of them will help you get to where you are going in the most efficient way possible. Getting lost is a hassle, now thanks to Map Quest getting lost is not an option, because you can actually use this service through any mobile device that has an internet browser, so if you ever get lost visit the site through your phone's browser to build a route that will easily help you find your way to wherever you are going.

MQ driving directions are the best, I do not know if you have used this internet mapping software before, and to be honest I really don't care, that's why I'm going to tell you straight away what you'll find at the official MQ website when you go there. As mentioned earlier this service provides free accurate directions, and high quality interactive maps, this service has one of the best route planners on the web, you can even use it to add lots of stops to each route that you create, the MQ route planner allows users to add up to 26 routes!

MQ now focuses a lot on providing a great traveling experience to road trip lovers, so now when you are driving from one city to another the software will automatically highlight cool landmarks and other Points of interest along your route, if you want to make an extra stop in one of these places all you have to do is click on the one that you like, the route builder will instantly add that place to your route as a new stop.

One of my friends from Austria recently moved to New York, after being here for just one week, he has already noticed how popular this site is. The other day he asked me, why is this site so famous? I explained to him that MQ is a website that's filled with useful tools and features that help people save time, and also money. This is definitely one of the best internet mapping sites, I've already said that like a million times, the only service that I consider as good as Map Quest is Google Maps, so if you are trying to find a really good alternative for MQ, simply visit the official G Maps website, you'll thank me for it.

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