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Using the HTC Titan Cellular Phone for Baking

by Gareth Jale

No matter what cooking style or source of cooking recipes we are going to use remember that cooking is a pleasurable thing to do not just for you but also for others that would be able to taste your masterpiece. One thing we must put in mind is that, it is like we are putting a poison into our customer's food when we are cooking with anger in our heart.

The most exciting hobby we could ever imagine is cooking. Want to know why? It is because it allows us to taste our own labor, and that's how simple. Ever since the first evolution of man appeared; cooking has already been there. Together with the evolution of time, the way of cooking has already been evolving too, from simple grilling, which was introduced by first man, to steaming, frying and many other ways of cooking our delicacies.

There are already a lot of food and a lot of ways to cook it nowadays. It is up to us how we wanted to do it, we can do it either following other peoples' taste, do it traditionally or experimentally. This could be done through reading your mother's personal recipe book, purchasing your favorite author's cookbook or simply searching the internet for less hassle and cost-free ingredients.

Your internet access can the best way to search for a recipe. It won't cost you any amount. And of course, if you don't have a computer you could always use your phone because nowadays local and international phone companies offer an array of options if we are talking about internet access. Let's take this smart phone, the latest phone released by the HTC Company. This phone is one of those touch screen phones that comes with so many HTC Titan accessories. So, if you are planning to use this as a source of checking for cooking recipes make sure to purchase a screen protector, this will help keep your mobile phone's screen in the best viewing conditions possible. Another fitting is a case, because it offers all of the necessary protection that the body of your mobile needs.

Now, if we are to take this device as our cookbook using the internet, the speed capabilities of this is that, in areas with 3G coverage, this mobile phone can browse the internet with download speeds of up to 14.4 megabytes per second, which is the same as several other high end smart phones. HTC is proud of having hundreds of improvements such as multitasking, photo and video capturing, and even threaded conversations that move from cooking site to your Facebook and back again; isn't it exciting? It enables you to keep entertained by Xbox LIVE gaming and Zune-powered music and videos. For those who are not in 3G coverage you would still be able to get those fast internet browsing.

Watching on stream is another way of checking cooking recipes. HTC has a wide LCD screen which means you would be able to watch and follow your favorite cooking show in a very nice detail. What if you're tired and you just want to cook that mouth-watering food later but afraid that you'll forget that site? Worry not. Worry no more if you feel that you are tired and wanted to cook the yummy food later but afraid that you will forget the site. You can add a bookmark to that site or just simply putting those favorite recipes on your e-books and check that later if you're already oozing with energy.

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