Smartphones are the Security Focus for Hackers and IT Pros in 2012hardware authentication,flash drive reviews

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Smartphones are the Security Focus for Hackers and IT Pros in 2012

by Oliver David

Mobile phone usage and especially smartphones and tablets have continued to proliferate and saturate the American consumer market. As a whole mobile phones have been seen as secure against the increasing threat of cyber attacks, unlike computers and networks. However, there’s a growing concern among IT professionals that these devices are going to be under attack much more in 2012.

The first mobile phone virus took place in 2004, but in general, the mobile phone and now tablet device market was not sizeable enough to be a target for hackers and cyber criminals. That has all changed with the dramatic increased use of mobile devices. In 2011, the smartphone market segment outgrew the computer PC market for the first time.

Now with the addition of mobile banking, payments and Web access (primarily for social media), hackers are extremely thinking about making use of their talents to hack into a person’s smartphone or tablet to gain access to sensitive info. Mobile phones are certainly at risk to become hacked. First, based on a Gartner Research study, 113 phones are lost each and every minute within the United States. Also a Juniper Research study shows that less than 5% of smartphones and tablets have installed security software program. Within the exact same study, the analysis firm is forecasting an elevated demand for mobile security software program expanding to roughly $3.6 billion by 2016.

Obviously, using the proliferation of mobile devices and many of them coming in to the workplace space, as well as becoming utilized to access many organization’s networks, IT managers are developing a expanding awareness that they should be conscientious within the coming year to secure the network and these devices. An additional study completed by Deloitte at the end of 2011 demonstrated that businesses within the technology, media and telecom sectors anticipate that sensitive information stored on an employee’s individual or expert mobile device will probably be their “biggest security headache in 2012”.

In addition, with the increased use of mobile devices, employees will have to become aware that if they use their personal devices to access their company’s data and network, they may incur personal implications. In many cases, if a device is lost, stolen or hacked, the corporate IT department may have to remotely wipe the data which could include personal pictures and data.

Hardware authentication is another method that can be used to secure data on both computers and mobile devices like smartphones.

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Title: Smartphones are the Security Focus for Hackers and IT Pros in 2012
Author: Oliver David
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