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How Inmates can contact their Families through Inmate Telephone service

by Anthony Johnson

V Connect and Offender Connect are among the various companies that provide a service for contacting inmates. This helps inmates lodged in prisons to connect with their family or friends and can be done while they are serving their sentence in the jails.

One of these services known as Offender Connect was formerly known as ITI inmate telephone. The family can avail services for transferring money into the commissary account of the prisoner and also set up a phone account. This enables the prisoner to make calls to multiple numbers, so that he remains in touch with other family members also with the multiple number accounts. Offender connect has a website and the families can send emails to the prisoner and have access to the site by day or by night.

Offender Connect provides a very convenient mode of connecting with inmates. Online printing of the monthly statements is possible. Setting up the account is also very easy, as you only have to enter your phone number and put the money into the prepaid account. Your credit card details are very safe at this company. You can view a list of the locations that the company provides service at their website. You can then view whether the particular facility is participating in their plan after a selection of the state. If the facility is not mentioned, you can request a service.

Another popular mode of connecting with inmates is through V Connect. They offer an Advance pay service to those inmates who could have been barred from making calls from their facilities. In spite of such restrictions, V Connect allows them to call their families with their prepaid account. After the call has been made and received, the call charge amount gets deducted from the amount that has been deposited as an advance payment.

You can make payments for the prepaid account with the help of credit cards, debit cards, cashier checks or even by money orders. An inactivity fee of $4.95 is made to those accounts which remain inactive for a period of three months, starting from the third month onwards and continuing till the amount in the prepaid account exists.

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Title: How Inmates can contact their Families through Inmate Telephone service
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