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All Telephone Recording Devices Are Definitely Not Identical

by Peter Westbotham

When you walk into your chosen electronics store and inform them you’re curious about telephone recording devices, you may be astonished at the variety. Your sales assistant probably will start by asking you a few pre-determined questions.

The first question you’ll need to answer is, “What kind of phone will you be using?” If you’ll be using a cordless land line phone, you’ll need a different type of recorder than you would use for a traditional land line phone with a handset and base. If you’re using a cell phone, you’ll need a recorder designed to work with cell phones. This is your first major decision.

Next, you’ll be asked whether you want digital or cassette. Cassette phone recorders are usually less expensive, and you may be tempted to skimp here. But if you plan to keep copies of your calls, you may quickly spend a fortune on tapes. With a digital device, you can upload files to your computer. A digital recorder will also hold several hours of conversation, whereas with a tape machine you’re limited to two hours per tape, maximum.

After you describe your phone and come to a decision between digital and cassette recorders, you should have a few telephone recording devices to pick from. Now, you will want to give attention to sound quality, recording time, for a digital recorder, battery, and portability.

It is very tempting to walk into a store or go online and buy the cheapest device you can find. If you are not familiar with how telephone recorders work and the available features, you may not know what you need and what are just bells and whistles to impress people and raise the price.

Speaking with someone who understands the products can help you limit your selections, and can often save you both money and disappointment with your new telephone recorder. You do not always have to visit the local consumer electronics store. Consulting internet reviews and educational sites can help you choose the best machine for your needs, and discover the best price on the recording device you select.

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