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A Laser Light Show Of Awesomeness - Cell Phone Dashboard Mount Review

by Sarah Davis

The vent mount fits better in the 1989 but does just fine in the 2006 model. It fits my Evo snugly with the adjustable spring loaded arms when positioned horizontally or vertically. The suction cup seems invincible. I have removed and reinstalled between 2 cars many times. For example, the supporting legs that the phone rest on can be adjusted or removed by sliding them, as well as moved to the track on the other end of the unit (essentially turning it upside down) which gave better clearance for the volume button on my phone. Additionally, I had to remove the supporting foot of the vent clamp (by squeezing it) and flip it around so it had a better stance on the edge of the vent. I have a Seido case on the Droid X and it still fits perfect. The USB charging port stays open and the mount is adjustable to many different configurations.

I'm thinking of ordering another one as a gift for my daughter. I use this holder in conjunction with my Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth FM transmitter. If you have the extended battery or a case -- you are out of luck. I found this case to be a cheap, functional replacement.

We actually attached the adhesive disc to the side of the fridge, and are now able to use this as a holder for the phone while we're in the kitchen. It's a great way to keep an eye on your recipes. It serves its purpose for purchasing it, and I am happy I got it. I like how it came with multiple mounting options since I wasn't sure if all of them would work. Though it does not look as sleek as some other high end mounts do, the quality of this product is at par with them. It also comes with the mount for the AC vent but I did not try that out yet.

There is no spring. They rely on the springiness of the plastic. I prefer the vent mount as the Droid X has an issue with heat. This keeps the phone out of the window and allows the AC to blow across it when on. If you take your phone in/out of the holder frequently, the spring load mechanism may break - mine broke after approximately 2 months of usage. When things normally break, I give them a 1 star - but given the low price when compared to others, it still deserves credit. I was surprised at the good quality for the price and would consider purchasing other items from Arkon now. I have used it for several months and it works perfect on my 2009 accord.

Windshield mount looks good. Vent mount looks flimsy. Works great. It holds my HTC Evo 4g one of the biggest phones out there and it fits it great.

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