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Garmin eTrex Summit HC: A Best Choice For Hunting Enthusiasts

by Scott Jefferson

I have been going on outdoor trips for a long time now. Travelling, and exploring the beauty of nature, is my passion. Each time I get the chance to take time off from my job, I always plan on a trip someplace far from the city. There, I love to camp out and explore around the wilderness. Of course, I bring with me all necessary gear that I will be using for my getaway. Spending time alone away from the city is important to my sanity. That's why I take measures to make sure that my personal needs, safety and comfort are well taken care off.

Aside from the food, camping tents and other gear, I have never neglect to bring my Garmin eTrex Summit HC GPS navigation system. I believe that this unit is of utmost importance outdoors, especially when you are alone and unfamiliar to the environment. A GPS nav. system provides you a guide so that you won't be lost where ever you are heading. It is such one of those most genious inventions ever created that makes life safer for people who love the outdoors.

I have owned my Summit HC for more than a year now. Before I had been using an obsolete model made by Garmin. But when I heard about this unit, I quickly fell in love with it. What makes this GPS receiver so impressive is its high-sensitivity antenna. Unlike its other predecessors, the Summit HC can have a clear signal reception anywhere. It doesn't matter if you are in an open area or under the cover of deep woods. One thing is for sure, you will have a satellite signal on your eTrex.

I also love the practicality of its appearance. This GPS navigational device is pocket-sized, and it weighs not more than 6oz. Its buttons are placed conveniently on the sides for easy access, even by a gloved hand. It has a bright 256-color data screen, which makes it easier to view maps than outdated black and white screens. The unit is rugged and is also waterproof. I never have to wonder if ever it rains or if I accidentally drop it in the river. It runs on AA batteries, which are inexpensive and easy to carry a few extras. It can last up to 14 hours, which I believe is plenty. But always remember spares on your trip, just because.

The Summit HC has a 24MB internal memory, which you can utilize for creating waypoints, tracks, and routes. For this model, you can save up to 500 waypoints, 10 tracks, and 50 routes. You can also load new maps to your unit in addition to the default basemaps through MapSource. This Garmin Summit also installed additional features that any outdoor enthusiast can use from on occassion. These are the electronic compass and the barometric altimeter. The electronic compass is used to provide your real-time information, even if you are just sitting in one spot with pin-point accuracy. On the other hand, the altimeter can pinpoint your altitude by gauging the atmospheric pressure of your surroundings.

One more wonderful feature, this GPS unit is also WAAS-enabled. With this system installed, it lets your unit to pinpoint your location instantly and accurately. This is crucial for any outdoor enthusiast. Garmin has undoubtedly hit the jackpot with this GPS model. The retail cost for this is worth all the features it provides. Aside from its user-friendly approach, it is also accurate in giving directions and locations. That's why I never leave for hiking trail without it.

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