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Web Based Service for Connecting with Inmates

by Jacob Watson

Offender Connect as well as Combined Public Communications are two of the web based services that help the family of inmates to connect with them. Inmates can call their families via this service and the family can also make payments to them. Various solutions are offered by both the services. For instance, Combined Public Communications prepaid cards can be bought by the inmates at the lobby of the facility or also at the jail commissary.

The direct pay talk time can also be established through the Combined Public Communications website. However, this should not be confused with prepaid cards for inmate telephone services. The inmate can call the family or friend number that has been set up and talk for the amount that has been paid, but this is not comparable to prepaid cards. International calls are not allowed, but the inmate is allowed to make calls to cellular numbers.

They can also call the customer service of America and purchase talk time, where the calls can be made from 8 am till midnight. The Direct Pay plan of Combined Public Communications is very convenient, as it helps to control the calling patterns. With this option, the inmate can also call non-billable numbers and cable company phone numbers.

Several services along with inmate telephone service are also provided by Offenderconnect.com. The family can very easily make payments through their web service, so that the money is easily available for the inmate at the commissary. The inmate can then use the money deposited by his family or friends for purchasing anything at the facility canteen.

The family can feel relieved that their near and dear one has all that he needs within the facility. Setting up a phone account is also very simple with offenderconnect.com. You just have to enter your phone number and put in the money into the account. The inmate can then call you at several numbers that can be listed and managed through this account. The family or friends can also send them emails through offenderconnect.com. The emails are sent promptly to the facility where they are disbursed for viewing by the inmate.

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