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Good Value For The Price - Cell Phone Mount Review

by Lucas Bell

Studies have shown that even just talking hands-free can affect your reaction time, so it's not recommended (and may even be illegal in some places). Dialing out or scrolling through lists of any sort would be even worse.

I agree with others that you will have to 'baby' the spring mounted sides that attach to your device to avoid breaking them. Since this was part of a "free shipping package" it's probably not worth returning. I could attach it fine when sitting still and it was perfectly stable, but when the car picked up speed it rocked around a bit. My car is a little aged (10 years old now) and surely needs the suspension checked, so don't let this deter you. If you have the extended battery or a case -- you are out of luck. I found this case to be a cheap, functional replacement.

I have not had it fall off like some other mounts. I drive a F150 truck so the ride is a bit bumpy but this mount has not failed. My only issue is that the button used to release the side clips is a little bit flimsy. I use the suction cup attachment for my windshield, but it has a mounting disk for the dash, so you can mount it there, and it comes with a clip for your air vent.

The suction clip is apparently designed to be used with the plate. The distance between the cup and the back of the cradle is so short (and limited as well in angle) that mounting on a wind shield basically doesn't work. My only drawback has nothing to do with the mount, but I wear gloves when I ride and my touch screen can't be changed with the gloves on. I originally was going to purchase this from another seller off of Amazon until I came across it on here.

It serves its purpose for purchasing it, and I am happy I got it. I like how it came with multiple mounting options since I wasn't sure if all of them would work.

I like the possibility of having a phone mount on my vent b/c it keeps my line of sight clear, the phone closer to me, and keeps the phone cool. I have a Samsung galaxy and it fits great and I am able to charge at the same time. Using dash mount, very adjustable and holds the phone well. Product seems pretty fragile so I try my best not to move it but it works for the most part.

I'm not sure about the vent mount because I won't be using it because it will block my vent and I live in TX and it's in the 100s every day and I need my vents. The windshield mount I tried and it stayed on well also but seemed to be in the way of my view for everyday use but would come in handy on long trips needing GPS. I also didn't have any trouble with the volume controls being overlapped. As for the mount itself, it is what it is, cheap and functional. I bought this mount for my iPhone 4s and it works great! I use it in my ac vent. Have to switch to windshield mount. This mount worked perfectly.

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