Contact Inmates through Inmate telephone service

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By Alex Watts

Families of Inmates in jails can avail inmate telephone service from several providers, such as Encartele, Global Tel Link, Offenderconnect, Paytel and several others. They also provide special features to protect the jail security regulations. Encartele offers a VoIP model of inmate telephone service. This helps towards a secure management and access of the data. The system is managed with an internet connection and is web based. The phone system is very reliable and the government agencies, such as the FBI, can have access to the telephone system at anytime from anywhere.

Calls can be restricted and monitored and recorded as well through Encartele. They provide both Collect calling and prepaid option. If the family has a telephone number that can accept calls from the inmate without any restrictions, collect calling can be opted for. The system checks out the validity, so that they may be able to bill the call before connecting the call. They check out whether the local telephone company can give the billing services and that there is no block on that number or that they have not exceeding the billing limit from the local telephone company.

The families can also opt for a prepaid account that includes cellular phones. The facilities here are that there is no limit for calling and the inmate can call the number even if he has previously reached the billing limit through Encartele services. The family can very easily set up a prepaid account and once this is done, the inmate can start calling them at this number.

Offenderconnect also offers similar inmate telephone service to families of inmates. Multiple numbers can also be set up in their account. This is very useful for inmates as it enables the calling of various members of their family with a single account. Their website is also accessible to the family at all times and they can view all details of their account. It is also allowed to send emails to the inmate through the Offenderconnect account.

You can even view all the recent transactions at the website and print out the monthly statements. Setting up an account is also very easy, as you just have to enter your name and email id and put in the money into the account to let the inmate start calling you. You don't need to write out checks and mail it to the institution any more. You can view the list of locations serviced by Offenderconnect at their website.

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