Free you're Apple Device from Exclusive Content

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Free you're Apple Device from Exclusive Content

by Nia Lawrence

Independent developers don't lag too far behind Apple's OS releases (for portable devices), and jailbreak software usually follows months after the latest iOS comes out. Newer jailbreaking software even lets you do all the tweaks in a few clicks, which is a convenient and safe alternative to command-line configurations. Many first-generation iPhones became casualties of serious configuration mistakes; these devices became as useful as bricks, hence the term bricking. These issues have been resolved with updated jailbreaking software, though, and mistakes are no longer fatal because you can always restore your device to its default and official iOS. This option will come in handy if you don't like the changes or if you're upgrading to newer firmware.

You'll have free access to a wide variety of content if you jailbreak your device, and the best part about it is you don't have to go through Apple's online store to download these. You'll use Cydia instead of Apple store to download content, most of which published as demos or as freeware. Apple screens software before offering it up for sale online, and those which aim to reconfigure how the hardware operates or overhaul the default user interface usually don't go through. Legitimate programs are widely available through Cydia, but since these aren't sanctioned by any licenses, there's a chance that you'll download programs that'll compromise your hardware performance or your system's stability.

You'll still enjoy the exclusive privileges of iTunes and Apple Store, even if you've reconfigured your system software. You're practically upgrading your iOS with jailbreaking software. But, the process voids your device's manufacturer warranty, so you can't turn it in for repairs or replacement after jailbreaking. It's fortunate that Apple lets you restore the device back to its default iOS, so you can wipe all of the custom tweaks and installations whenever you want to. Make sure you create a backup for all the data on your device's storage before you use the restore option, though.

Once you have Cydia installed on your device, you can download a variety of programs that'll reconfigure how it looks or operates. Third-party applications (like games and media browsers) can be searched and downloaded through programs like Installous, which is the freeware counterpart of iTunes. Aside from software variety, you can also unlock your iPhone after you jailbreak it. Most users want to switch between mobile carriers to avoid exclusive services, and the best way to unlock iPhones that come with subscription plans is by jailbreaking the iOS.

The process is doable in a couple of ways, but you'll have fewer troubles if you choose to use software packages that do all the tweaks. You don't even have to worry if you're violating intellectual property laws, because jailbreaking isn't illegal so long as you don't download pirated content afterwards.

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