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Guidelines To Record Phone Call

by Daniel Mason

When you record telephone calls, whether for business or private reasons, there are specific things that you should do, and certain things you completely should not do. If you've never recorded telephone calls or studied the best practices to record phone call, you most likely have some questions about what's O.K and even advised, and what's definitely off-limits. The tips below offer some general guiding principles.

Here some tips to be sure you do:

Get consent. Always ask the other person if it is O.K if you record, and get their consent. It's best if you get their consent on the recording, so there is not any misunderstanding or perplexity later. Regardless of if you record calls with this person every day, always get consent on the record for each new conversation. It only takes 1 or 2 seconds for you to ask, "Okay if I record this conversation?" and the other person to respond "Sure." It may appear a little repeated and needless, but having the permission on record could be significant later.

The first time you record a conversation with someone, you might need to take a little more time and explain that you record phone calls for reference later, and you would like to record this one. Provide a copy of the tape or possibly a copy of the records (if you have calls transcribed) to the other person.

Take notes. If you're taking notes during the conversation, you're paying more attention, and you're more a part of the dialogue. Also, if you take notes while you record calls, you are going to be able to find particular points on the tape more easily later, because you could have notes and you can tell if you're at a point before or after what you're looking for. You may use your notes to work on the project and reference the tape only if you have a question, or at the end to make certain you hit all the details.

Store the conversation as quickly as possible. Make certain the tape is labeled and put away, or the digital file is named the right way and filed on your computer in the proper folder. Do this at your first opportunity, because when files or tapes get misplaced, you're out of luck if you have to examine something in a dialogue. Just bother to do it as you go, and you will have no troubles finding what you require.

Distribute copies to project members. If you're working on a project, or working with a client, you may want to share copies of the recording and/or log with the other members of the call or project, to make sure you're all on the same page and have the same appreciation of what's predicted from each of you.

When you record telephone call, following these simple guidelines will help you in avoiding a mistake and accomplish your ambitions.

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