Search Engine Friendly Tips for Your Website – Easy Way to Direct Traffic to Your Site

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It is important that when you write your content there should be appropriate keywords so that your audience will easily find you. SEO experts will tell you that it is needed from the titles, to the URLs and even the image names as well. This is like the search terms when someone will search for information about the certain topic that your blog or site talks about. Take note that the ideal strategic internet marketing step touches the most important spots where you will place your keywords. But do not stuff too much of it as you will be marked as spammer. The search engine spider works to ignore the websites that are already stuffing for keywords and links into it. As a piece of advice, be strategic to the keywords that you are using.


Another part of our strategic internet marketing plan is to link back yourself so that you can directly boost traffic either to the individual pages. Make sure that your links are standard every time you are making new content. We call that anchor text in a search engine friendly way. If your page has more relevant words, then the search engine will point out your site when the user will run for a query in the search engine search tab. There are different SEO approaches so not everyone is the same.


It is important that your website also have a sitemap so that the Google Spider will easily crawls the content of your site and will get your website in high ranking. And this will mean for the betterment of whatever it is that you are offering. It is important that you will name clear keywords to your URL as well.


While it may appear nice to have flash in your website, it does nothing to improve your Page Rank in Google. AJAX, Flash and Frames share common problem and it is claimed by the search engine journal. You cannot expect best SEO results if you are using these. Rather than focusing yourself into it, just see your image descriptions. It is important that you need to make the words that are associated with the images. Take note of this another strategic internet marketing tip. You can add the world “ALT” into the tag and then include keywords in this image. This is one of the most ideal optimization ways and it is even easy to do it. Add captions as well to your pictures as it allows immediate proximity into your images.