Discussing If Colo Servers Are More Safe

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By Gerald Wiley

Server colocation is one option for small businesses that need to have the functionality of an IT department but cannot afford to keep one on staff. There are many advantages to using this technology but some people question whether it is a secure way to host servers. This article hopes to illustrate some of the ways that this type of hosting can actually be more secure than doing it in house.

Before a company decides to use this technology it is important to know what it is and how it works. Colocation hosting allows a company to run their servers on a rack that is in an off-site location. This can be very advantageous to small businesses in many ways.

Colo hosting allows companies to share bandwidth which can be a major money saver. By consolidating bandwidth colo hosting facilities are able to offer it at a reduced price. Not only that, but many colo facilities will also manager the servers, which means that the company is saving by not needing to hire a lot of additional IT staff.

The main issues that people have with this type of hosting revolve around security. Even though it might seem risky to hand over servers to an outside source it is actually much safer to do it this way than to keep it internal. Before a company hands over valuable data they should understand the safety issues involved.

One advantage to colo hosting is that it keeps the servers at an off site location. Some companies are afraid of this, but it is actually much safer. By hosting the servers off site businesses are at much less risk of things like natural disasters or computer hackers. Some companies are dealing with very sensitive data and by keeping it off site they are much less likely to lose it.

Another way colo hosting is more secure is that they are set up to function in the event of a power outage. Most small companies are not capable of maintaining power for very long if the electricity in their building goes out. This could be risky since sudden outages are the most common ways that businesses lose valuable data. Since the colo host will have generators that will run during power outages they are less likely to be affected.

Another advantage to colo hosting is that data is constantly being backed up and saved. It is also be stored in an undisclosed location so there is less threat of theft or acts of sabotage. Some companies are dealing with data that is extremely valuable, so colo hosting can reduce the chance of theft because only the company will know where their servers actually are.

Server colocation is one of the best ways to host servers because of the increased bandwidth and the reduced need for an IT staff. Not only that, it can be much safer, especially if a company is storing sensitive or valuable information. For these reasons colo hosting is definitely something that small businesses should consider.

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