Leading five Handheld GPS Producers

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By Ted Williams

Handheld GPS units tend to be extremely prevalent for a wide array of outdoor escapades for example hiking, geocaching, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing, as well as skiing. Even though indeed there tend to be various various GPS manufacturers in order to select from indeed there tend to be five principal manufacturers which are extremely prevalent for handheld GPS devices. Every organization has their own different handheld models in order to select from.

Below are really the entire five many favored manufacturers that would think about whenever searching for a GPS device.

GPS Manufacturers

GarminGarmin typically is possible 1 of the many favored manufacturers for GPS units because well as numerous different goods. Garmin began its company 21 years ago with regard to 1989. They comprised at which time of a some engineers who got together that would progress and also construct navigation and also correspondence devices. Now Garmin has offices almost all over the entire globe and also effectively over 7,000 employees. They shape and also market units for:

Automotive navigation

Marine devices



Wireless GPS for clever phones

Outdoor receivers

The entire Garmin handheld GPS units are really effectively recognized for providing huge top quality because well as the entire latest development. They are really usually voted the entire best with regard to their class.


The entire Magellan Corporation has changed ownership and also identity a few occasions. The entire authentic Magellan Corporation was actually founded with regard to 1986 however with regard to 2001 they were acquired by Thales, a large electronics business. With regard to 2006 Thales Navigation was actually purchased by Shah Capital Partners who changed the entire identity that would Magellan. Afterward with regard to 2009 they were bought out once again by MiTAC International Corporation. The entire consumer GPS units are really nevertheless marketed below the entire Magellan brand. They include a extensive line of handhelds because well as automotive navigation devices. Despite the entire relentless change of ownership Magellan nevertheless does and also constantly has yielded suitable top quality GPS units.


DeLorme has been with regard to company as 1976. They create development, mapping goods, and also information definitely not only for customers however additionally for professionals. Even though they constantly yielded huge top quality goods they certainly earned an identity for themselves with regard to the 1990's whenever they pioneered GPS solutions for laptops, Palm OS devices, Pocket PC's and also lately for Bluetooth applications and also color topographic maps and also aerial imagery. They include a fairly suitable selection of handheld units that would select from.


Lowrance Electronics Inc. is actually specific of the oldest GPS manufacturers. They began throughout 1957 as well as come with a pioneer throughout growing Global Positioning Body mapping instruments. They come with a extensive line of SONAR as well as GPS units for outdoor recreation because units for aviation, marine as well as automotive. They come with a decent selection of handheld GPS units.


Bushnell offers a wide range of outdoor technology tools such as binoculars, scopes, rangefinders, trail cameras, flashlights and of course handheld GPS units. They have been in the high performance sports optics industry for over 50 years. They only have a few handheld GPS receivers but they are tailored for all outdoor activities. More basic in design and features than the other GPS manufacturers listed above their units are ideal for any sportsman looking for a GPS device made simple

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