Dont Have a Phone- Let the Government Give You One

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By Tanya Brads

Life has its ups and downs, and to some people, the downs seem to overweigh the ups. These are the times when the paycheck is not enough to cover all the basic needs like shelter and food. When you throw in education into this equation, it falls out of balance. Thats why a simple thing like a cell phone seems out of reach even when its a clear necessity. Luckily the government does something about this by offering free cell phones.

These cell phones are meant to be a medium of communication- not for multimedia and business purposes since they lack the necessary features. They come with free minutes so you can actually make the calls. But the nature of the program does not allow for 500 minutes like a normal cell phone plan would. You may get as little as 55 minutes, and you have to learn how to manage with that. What this means is that you only get to call when its necessary, not when you are bored and lacking anything better to do. If by some rare chance you dont use them, they are carried over to the subsequent months.

If you happen to loose your phone, you dont go looking for a government one because you wont get it. The fact that you had one means you can afford it, and this exempts you from the list of those that are eligible. You need to have a social security number, a figure depicting your annual earnings, with some evidence to back it up, and enrollment in a public assistance program. Once you meet the desired criteria, the phone is availed to you for immediate use.

You dont get as many minutes as you would desire; that has been established. But what about when your telephony needs exceed the number of minutes you have been accorded? You can simply purchase some and keep talking. Since this will be another financial expense, its best avoided.

The government uses many providers to offer this service to the many needing Americans. But even with the effort, some states have not been reached by the program. It would be well to confirm the eligibility of the state you are in, before you forward your application via email or regular mail. A quick online search should confirm any doubts.

Perhaps the best thing about the government cell phones is that you get to keep them when you decide you want out of the program. Its an effort worth a round of applause, considering the government does not earn anything in return.

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