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By Rick Newman

There are several other names by which the reverse phone lookup is also know. Another word is the gray pages, or even the reverse telephone directory. Most people look through the yellow pages in order to find the number of a specific person, address or business. This is usually how people are able to contact them for a query or in order to enquire about services.

When it comes to the reverse phone lookup, one uses it in the opposite way. A specific number's details are normally sought out by the individual or business that needs it. Some might wonder why these are needed, but there are a couple of reasons as to why people need this. Normally, a lot of the time it is used within the area of emergency services or in law enforcement.

Law enforcement is usually one of them. The same can be said for emergency services as well. Sometimes police are going to have to track down a certain individual and they generally go through the gray pages to do it. Emergency services will often receive distress calls from people, and therefore it is important to have a quick directory to find their location.

Of course, such systems can be abused and therefore they are restricted to specific people such as the police or emergency services. Normally they will be comprised of a list of numbers which are private, and one which is public. This is to protect private people. As a result, services like these are usually only for internal use.

In a lot of countries, the details of public numbers can be sought by this method. There are a few countries where this is service is made standard by the telecommunications companies. In others, there are private firms which will do this. If one needs to find out where a particular number is coming from, then they can use this service in order to find out.

One of the prominent would be if somebody missed a call. A person might have gone for several job interviews and is waiting for a call back to come. If they miss a phone call, but don't recognize the number that is showing, they will then be able to go through this service and find out who it was that was calling them. Many people find it to be a life saver.

Of course, depending on the country or state the laws with regards to its use are going to be different. Usually in the United Kingdom, such information is restricted for use only by the police and those who work in emergency services. The information of private citizens is strictly confidential and not let out to the general public. The same protection is applied to phone call content as well.

Have a look through the laws of one's own country in order to see what is permissible and what is not. Sometimes there are other ways of finding out, and it is always important to safe and out of trouble with the law.

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