PPC, Paid Advertising and More of Internet Marketing Finally Covered

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Are you familiar with the theory of “Act as if”? If not, this is actually one theory that is used in the internet marketing that you may not be aware of. This analogy was discussed by Tracey Walker in the Live the Dream event. You can also see what this training is all about and for a glimpse: she talks about the idea of faking it until you make it. You know, back when we were still kids, we think as if everything is possible and as we grow up, there are ideas and other restrictions that we put to ourselves. Maybe because we are aware of the reality but if you so want to achieve something, you need to picture it out firsthand. This is what Tracey emphasized in the training.

There is also another take away in the Live the Dream training that is discussed by Cedric Harris. He told people the story of never ask the prospect of what they are thinking right after you showed a presentation. The reason for this is it creates logic in their part to do it. This strategy is also applied when you have an internet business. You should make the people FEEL about it.

But the training is not just all about these two people. There are other more who joined together to bring about a successful training guide for people. Know more about PPC, advertising campaign, Google Adword, social media, lead marketing, and other more incredibly important factors that you are going to need when running an online business.