Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

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By Allan Henry

When deciding what type of credit card lawsuit defense you are going to use when being sued by a creditor, it is important to research what has worked and what has not worked. I am going to provide the answers to those questions for you. Before making a final decision on which type of credit card lawsuit defense you want to use, be sure to know all of the costs and benefits associated with that choice.

In my experience, I have seen three main types of credit card lawsuit defense. Consumers will either hire an attorney to represent them, try to make it through the litigation process on their own, or find as much information as they can to become an expert on credit card debt litigation and then represent themselves. Obviously each of these options will have varying degrees of cost and success.

The rarest form of credit card defense is hiring an attorney to try your case for you. This option does have consistently good results because an attorney will know exactly how to protect you in the litigation process. The problem for many people who are being sued for credit card debt is that they do not have a lot of money sitting around to hire a defense attorney. This is why you will not see this option very often.

The second and undoubtedly most common form of credit card lawsuit defense is representing yourself without any knowledge of the legal system. Many consumers feel that this is their only choice since they do not have the money to pay for an attorney of their own. These consumers end up winging it during the court proceedings. This type of credit card lawsuit defense is what most creditors hope will happen.

I am strongly opposed to representing yourself without any knowledge. This opposition comes mainly from watching thousands of cases be lost because of using this type of credit card lawsuit defense. Opposing attorneys will often try ten or twenty cases in a row with consumers who have no idea what is going on. All of these cases end with expensive judgments being made against the consumer.

The final, and what I feel is the best type of credit card lawsuit defense, is that of representing yourself with the expert knowledge that you need. Most consumers do not even know that this option exists. They think that gaining the knowledge to represent yourself successfully in court must be extremely costly and impossible to understand. This is not the case. For anyone motivated to look for the answers, they are there, and they can help improve your chances of receiving a favorable judgment immensely!

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