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By Marcos Amavisca

The iPhone has been one of the best phones for gaming since it's introduction to the market. However, this does not mean that all games ran smoothly on early iPhone models; some games were too large or featured graphics too elaborate for the phone's processor to run. Today, however, with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 on the market, the iPhone's processor can run more games than ever before.

In the world of mobile technology, the iPhone is not by any stretch of the imagination the only smart phone on the market. You can find smart phones made by every cell phone company under the sun. When you examine what each can offer from a hardware perspective, you might not find much difference. They will all contain a touch screen, the ability to surf the web, and a variety of applications that help a person manage their life. You would be very hard-pressed to find an iPhone user who would even give credence to the idea of switching to a smart phone from another manufacturer even though the technology is quite similar. To find out why the iPhone users are so loyal, we will dig deeper.

Infinity Blade 2: The first installation of the Infinity Blade series is already a success on the iPhone platform. The second installment of the game dropped at Apple's iPhone 4S release event. It takes full advantage of the 4S's powerful processor to provide the gamer with top-notch graphics and an altogether more impressive experience. The new Infinity Blade installment has numerous new features over the original version. The in-game world has been expanded and users can buy over 100 new types of weaponry. Of all the new games customized for the iPhone 4S platform, Infinity Blade 2 arguably makes the most quality use of the phone's new processing power.

Dead Space: The iPhone 4S version of Dead Space is able to circumvent an issue that often plagues mobile horror titles; it was not made boring by virtue of being ported to a mobile platform. The developers for the iPhone 4S version of Dead Space are the same crew who designed the original console game; they were able to keep all of the gory, psychologically disturbing elements that made the original Dead Space such a hit. While it is decidedly not for those who shun violence and gore, Dead Space will satisfy the bloodlust of gamers who loved the original version of the game or simply enjoy a fright.

Angry Birds Rio: Though this game does not specifically utilize the new iPhone's advanced processing power, it does look great on the platform and is a light, enjoyable game. This new installment in the Angry Birds series is proof that iPhone games do not need to be incredibly intricate in order to achieve great success.

Machination: Machination has enjoyed extreme success as a computer game, and is now available for the first time as a mobile game thanks to the new processing power of the iPhone 4S. This game offers intricate graphics and an addictive soundtrack that enhances the overall experience for the gamer. Additionally, Machination utilizes point-and-click gameplay that is ideal on the iPhone's touchscreen interface.

Grand Theft Auto 3: While GTA 3's intense gameplay seems better suited to a TV or computer screen, the iPhone 4S version provides a surprisingly good experience. GTA 3 effectively utilizes all of the iPhone 4S's processing power to provide users with a large, intricate in-game world; however, it is ONLY available on the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 and does not run on other devices that support iOS 5.

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