The Great Popularity of Android Phones

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By Richard T Dennington

Among the most up-to-date gadgets at present are android phones. They are smart phones that are operated through the Android operating system. The Android operating system is an open source operating system created by Google. It is a Linux-based operating system not just for cellphones but also for other mobile devices like tablets. It is said that the Android was particularly an innovation to compete with the Iphone which is manipulated through the use of IOS.

Dissimilar to IOS which is well-matched only with Apple mobile devices, the Android OS is obtainable for use nearly by any mobile device manufacturer. Practically all the largest smart phone companies offer Android Phones in their manufactured goods. In fact, throughout the planning of the Android OS and up until this time, manufacturers like Sony Ericsson and Samsung (among others), were already extremely drawn in its improvement. Such companies formed what is known as the Open Handset Alliance.

Since countless companies use the Android OS, Android Phones are thought to be the most generally available smart phones in the market. While Apple promotes one Iphone model at a time, there are loads of Android Phones presented within the same phase. Thus, customers have extra options in buying gadgets.

Android phones are often chosen by tech savvy customers over the Iphone. This is for the fact that Apple is fairly dominating and off-putting when it comes to its operating system. In the opposite, Android phones are somewhat customizable. Third party developers are open to adjust any part of the OS. There is even a great community of developers for the Android Phone OS which encourages ingenuity. More importantly, inaugurating applications to Android Phone is easy. A client has the preference of doing it directly from the gadget or with the aid of a PC.

There are numerous versions of Android Phones. Depending on the blueprint, liking and financial capacity a customer can effortlessly opt for a suitable model. An android phone has many media functions. Consumers can play movies, music and also games on Android Phones. The cheaper Android Phones often have smaller screens while the pricey ones have better and brighter screens. Generally, a high-end Android Phone has the more prevailing processors and enhanced features also.

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