Apple iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3: Rumored Features

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By John Hernandez

One of the most anticipated smartphones to later on be unveiled this year, Apple's iPhone 5 have been stirring speculations of the features the mobile may potentially supply to the table. It is rumored that the flagship smartphone from Apple will definitely make its launch at the Worldwide Developers Conference this June. And this has been described by the Daily Mail.

One part of the rumor is saying that the iPhone will be the first mobile in its generation to have a waterproofing feature. But that begs the question as to whether or not users can make calls while remaining underwater. It is reported that there will be a nanotech chemical coating that will cover the chip to allow for such function.

It is thought that the waterproofing technologies will definitely not simply be readily available to the mobile yet it will definitely even be presented on Samsung's upcoming S3 design. Assume an incredibly crazy struggle this year as Apple and Samsung struggle it out by having their newest devices to be unveiled in the forthcoming months. There are a bunch of things that customers will definitely be expecting from the Apple iPhone and lots of are wishing that it will definitely be the smartphone the globe will definitely ever before watch.

The brand-new gadget will likely present a fast A6 Quad Primary processor clocked at around one point 2 to one point 5 gigahertz. It will definitely even be accompanied by a one gigabyte RAM to aid increase the performance of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy 3 is rumored to take advantage of a greater processor speed at 2 gigahertz.

The phone will certainly flaunt an extremely appealing 4 inch Quantum Dot LED edge to edge screen display. The screen is rumored to need a resolution of one thousand 2 hundred eighty by seven hundred twenty pixel resolution. The screen is stated to have a high definition ability and a 3 hundred sixty seven pixels per inch density.

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