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By Graham Birkland

Crazed technophiles lined up, sometimes for days, outside electronic stores typically signals the release of a new iPhone. Now that tech junkies have happily purchased their new phones, many people have begun asking a new question. Is the iPhone 4 enough, or should we upgrade to iPhone 4S? To answer this, look at the features of an iPhone 4 and compare them to the iPhone 4S.

A major selling point of the iPhone over other available technology is its retina display. The display of an iPhone has quadruple the number of mega-pixels as similarly sized screens. Photo display capabilities are far superior on an iPhone 4 because of its retina display.

With consumers demanding instant photos everywhere that can be uploaded instantly to social media, camera phone quality is a must in a high-end phone. For as expensive as the model was, the iPhone 3's camera was not up to par. The iPhone 4 has fixed this; users can take 4 mp photos and shoot high definition videos. The improvements to the camera and iPhone in general allow users to make video calls while connected to a wifi network.

The iPhone 4 has dropped weight and size in comparison to the iPhone 3. The phone, over all, is slimmer and lighter feeling. Reception and repairs, however, are a little more challenging because of the slimmer body.

Now, let's look at the differences between the iPhone4 and iPhone 4S. 4S has a much improved processor compared to the 4. This allows for more rapid processing speed. The iPhone 4S is equipped with Siri, a computerized personal assistant who responds to voice commands. The iPhone 4S has a better camera (8 MP instead of 5 MP) that allows users better capture speed and low-light shots. Finally, with the new, dual antenna design, reception issues have been fixed.

Do these updates really mean you should retire your iPhone 4 in favor of the newer model? The bottom line may be whether it is worth spending the extra on the iPhone 4S when making the move to Apple products. Is the iPhone 4S a necessity? If you're shopping for a new phone, you should consider the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S offers great power and ease of use that will please any user.

Do you still need to rush out and get the iPhone 4S if you already have the iPhone 4? The phones share a similar design. Both of these models share screen size and resolution. There is no change in the amount of RAM between the models. An update to the operating system that allows for impressive changes is the largest shift between the two phones. Surprisingly enough, the iPhone 4 software can be upgraded to match that of the iPhone 4S for free.

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