How to Get the Best Out of Free Government Cell Phones

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By Pam Brytes

US government has a tie up with TracFone Wireless, Inc through which they provide free cell phones to people having very low income. Many families who cannot afford to buy a cell phone on their own benefit from this plan as it offers 55 to 200 minutes free talk time per month. The concerned states decide how many free minutes to offer for their citizens. If used properly, this phone can be of great help to many people.

So many people like unemployed youth, senior citizens and disabled people, people who lost their house in natural calamities and people suffering from huge mortgages are in need of cheap communication services. A free cell phone will be extremely useful to such people. The application process and the conditions to receive the free government phones are extremely simple. Any person who is enlisted in a public assistance program like food stamps and housing assistance is eligible to get the phone. They should also have a valid address to receive the mailed government phones.

Applications can be sent online through the official SafeLink Wireless website. Check if your state permits you to use the government phones program by entering the zip code in the website. If so, fill the other details like name, address, age and the public assistance programs you benefit from currently. Type in the last four digits of the social security number and click on the "I certify". You application will be submitted. Click on the next button to receive a confirmation.

You will receive an enrollment ID using which you can check the status of your application. Details regarding the acceptance and denial of your application can be seen there. If the application is accepted free government phones will be sent to you in a week. Some states will require you to attach income proof and document proof of public assistance program enlistment along with employer's letter. Those document copies should be enclosed with the application if your state requires. You can download the application and mail them along with the required details to the SafeLink Office.

Using this free government phones disabled and elderly people keep in touch with their families. Youth use this phone to search for a suitable job. A contact number is very important during a job search. Women use this number if they fear any abuse. 911 calls are free from this phone. Two million people use this service everyday across US.

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