Inexpensive and Stylish Accessories for the HTC Thunderbolt

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By Gareth Jale

First of all, the HTC Thunderbolt contains a range of internal and external features that should be understood in order to determine which mobile accessories are likely to be necessary and which can be skipped. For example, it comes with 16 GB of storage, which will come in handy when it comes to storing all kinds of movies, music, pictures, and games. It also features a 5 MP rear facing camera and a VGA camera that is on the front and is perfect for taking self portraits.

Many buyers of this smart phone think that there is nothing out there to make this an even better device, but that is where they are wrong, cell phone accessories will increase the overall functionality of their device. An example of accessories is the screen protector that will keep your smart phone in good condition. Because the large screen provides a magnificent resolution of 800 x 480 users get to enjoy crisp and vivid video. A good screen protector can make the difference between having a screen that looks good months later and a screen that loses its charm within a short amount of time.

Beyond the charms of screen protectors, it's also a good idea to check out a case. You can get them either in leather or in plastic. If you want to save money while being stylish, you should look into plastic cases. Not too long ago plastic cases were dull and only provided protection, now they are stylish, provide much needed protection and will not kill your wallet when you purchase one.

If spending is no problem then a leather case will probably be your best bet. Even though plastic cases have evolved from recent times, a leather case will always outshine it. There are some leather type cases that are not too expensive and will also provide the protection you seek.

If you invest in a leather case for your smart phone, you will also want to think about how much protection you really want to get from the phone. As a general rule, the better the case looks at a given price point, the less protection it will offer. If you seek great protection and good style then you will end up paying a lot unless you choose a plastic case. Plastic cases also offer more flexibility when it comes to searching for cases. Remember that it is important to know that cell phone accessories will help keep your mobile device fully functional for years to come.

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