Verizon FIOS Bundle Deals - Pros And Cons Of Bundled Deals

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By Tracy Davis

Many companies are competing with one another in order to reign supreme in the world of telecommunication, cable and internet. It is not enough for them to provide excellent and affordable stand-alone services, it's because more and more people are looking for services that provide more value and quality on a price that they can afford. This is the reason why many companies have come up with bundled offers, such as the Verizon FIOS bundle deals of Verizon and the Comcast Xfinity of Comcast. Yes, these bundles are advantageous, but they also have disadvantages.

The Good Side

What do individuals get with bundled services? Usually, subscribers will enjoy telephone, internet and cable TV services in bundles. There are also other bundles that offer only 2 of the available services, all depending on the preferences of the person. Indeed, getting more services instead of a single one only is offers more value to consumers. The best thing about these bundled offers is that you are not required to pay three different bills, even if you have three services. There's only one bill for each and every bundled package, no matter what company offers them.

Indeed, you can get two or three services in these bundles plus you only get one bill each and every month, but that doesn't mean you have to dig deeper in your pocket just to pay for the bill. Most bundled services are more affordable as compared to two or three stand-alone services. Aside from that, the cost for each bundle will depend on the available offers and features it has. Because of this, consumers will have a huge range of choices depending on their budget and services they want.

The best thing about most bundled services like the Verizon FIOS bundle deals is that they offer free equipment and installation. Aside from that, a subscriber will have the opportunity to upgrade to another bundled without having to pay a lot. Now if a person is using a single stand-alone service only, there are some companies that offer free switching to bundled service.

The Bad Side

Bundled deals are not perfect, they have their own downsides and one would be monopolization. Monopolization is generally bad for the economy and companies that offer bundled services tend to monopolize the market. These companies are the large players that offer cable TV, internet and telephone services and they have the capacity, networks, money and power to provide bundled offerings, unlike small companies. Because of this, small companies slowly die out and people lose jobs.

Perhaps the worst thing about these bundled offers like the Verizon FIOS bundle deals is the hidden charges they have. These hidden charges will the ones that will create a hole in one's pocket. Yes, you may avail of this offer, but you have to purchase this bundle first. Sometimes, the discount will be available for a limited time only. You'd be lucky to have a discount for one or two years, because there are some discounts that will last for 6 months only.

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