Making Your Communication Skills Better And Unique

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By Thomas Walters

Here are tips for improving your communication style:

Knowing how to improve communication skills will come easier once you become aware of your own communication style.

Every person communicates differently. Try to hear your own speech. Do you notice the kind of words you use? What about your body language and tone of voice?

Now, think of a good communicator that you like. Compare your style to theirs. This is the first step in improving your communication skills.

Now that you are aware of your own style, study the style of those around you. How about your family and friends' communication skills? How do they communicate? Mimic those styles that you admire.

Adjust to the other styles of communication. Don't think it is too late to change your way of conversing because it's been years. Your communication skills were learned, so you have the capacity to unlearn some of them. People sometimes have periods wherein their communication skills don't improve.

A father once had a hard time with an adolescent daughter. He felt that his daughter was keeping him in the dark about the goings-on in her life now. They were in a heated discussion when he asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

In turn, she said she did, but he didn't hear her because he just wanted to lecture her. He realized that he would have to adjust by listening to his daughter first before giving a lecture.

You can build affinity between yourself and the person you're talking to by mirroring his posture, gestures, and verbal style. Just follow one or two things, though. For instance, he gives short answers to your question, then you should also do the same.

Or maybe he talks slower than you do, so you should adjust your speaking speed, too. This may sound simplistic but it is a very potent way to make someone feel very relaxed and comfortable in your presence.

The way you communicate at home may not be the same as in a different environment. You have to know when to change your style according to the venue. There are some things that you can't say in front of everyone.

Other things can be shared in a group setting. You communication skills will improve if you know how to change it for different situations. Many of us know someone who offers far too much information in a group setting.

Don't criticize others for communicating differently. If we all communicated in the same way, we'd soon be bored with each other.

You'll have better communication skills if you become aware of how you communicate and can relate to how others do too.

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