CSP Production Scheduling and Information System Using Web-Browser Technology

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By Francisco Rodriguez

A browser lets you move around the Internet to all sorts of interesting websites, much the way a car helps you get around. However, many times passengers who you haven't invited along for the ride will attempt to "carjack" you.

Level 1 and 2 were included as part of scope of supply of main process equipment under supplier specifications. Level 3 was specified by HYLSA and contracted to a software development oriented supplier. Level 4 was handled in a particular way, since HYLSA already had in operation a Production Control System, developed in house which schedules and track material for process lines from Melt Shop and Hot Strip Mill # 1 (ingot based) trough Cold Mills and Batch Annealing. MIS group modified that system in order to accommodate scheduling and tracking for Hot Strip Mill # 2 (CSP) which supplies material in parallel with existing Hot Strip Mill # 1. Phase 2 operation has imposed requirements that demanded flexible yet speedy interaction with Level 3 by facing changes to scheduling caused by tight coordination in operation between CSP Melt Shop and Mill.

PRODUCTION PLANNING AND SCHEDULING. Production Planning and Scheduling is based on Shop Orders, which are coil production batches (built from Customer Orders) required from CSP Plant considering Melt Shop, Caster and Mill constraints. Shop Orders once in CSP Plant are managed by a Level 3 function, Production Coordination System. Shop Orders requires from CSP Plant what to produce but Operating personnel decide when to produce it considering operating constraints in a weekly basis. Once in production, Shop Orders results in references to Level 2 Process Control Systems and actual production is sent back to Level 4 Production Planning System for coil tracking in next processing lines.

Hopefully one day you won't have to make this trade-off that is so undesirable. However, until then, you don't need to be an experienced computer user in order to do some experimenting and educate yourself about which settings to use. In fact, the first time you have to fix your computer after becoming infected you'll understand why you should have spent a couple of hours learning about settings. The last factor when it comes to security for your browser is proper usage. Ask yourself whether or not you take "safe browsing" into consideration. Many websites will ask you to download those ActiveX controls (which are little programs), adware, dialers, and other content that is considered to be dynamic. Do you simply trust the source or do you want to find out will happen when you say yes to these prompts? Trusting is okay but you should keep your eyes open when you do any trusting.

INFORMATION AND INTRANET Collected data is used for several purposes: * Production Reports * Quality Reports * Product and Process History Production and Quality reports are accessed trough Intranet while History is accessed by process engineers using standard data base retrieve software. An Intranet Server is installed in order to allow access to CSP Plant data by using standard Web Browser, the same one used to access Internet. This data access method results in a more easy way to deploy, maintain, set up and use of CSP Plant information since applications are installed in only one machine, the Intranet Server and customers only need to set up one application in their computers, the Web Browser. Web Browser applications allow not only to show data but also charts, pictures and snapshots or live video in a very easy way.

Most people don't realize just how much information is made available simply by browsing the internet. When you visit a website, various pieces of information about your location and your computer get shared with them - it's a two way street.

Back to education for a moment. Spend some time learning how to lock down your system, outside the browser settings, to make it more difficult for these errant programs to gain Administrator level privileges. Your time will be well re-paid.

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