A look at the Garmin 2360LMT

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By Alan Christopher

Introduced by Garmin in late 2010, the Garmin nuvi 2360LMT is a portable mid-range GPS unit featuring a 4.3 inch anti-glare LCD display. The unit is ready to use directly out of the box and is packaged with many useful features.

The nvi 2360LMT has a 4.3 inch backlit and anti-glare color touchscreen with a resolution of 480 by 272 pixels, weighs 5.0 oz. and a battery life of up to two and a half hours and also comes with plug-in adapters to use in vehicles. It uses solid state internal memory, so going over a bump on the road will not disrupt data flow. The unit also has a slot for micro SD cards in case more memory is required for maps, or if you wish to load maps onto a card instead of the main unit memory. Data may be transferred to the device by linking it to a computer with wireless Bluetooth technology.

Of the many useful features that come standard with the Garmin 2360LMT GPS unit, there are several which stand out above the rest. Spoken voice controls, which are received by the GPS device using Garmin's special software, allow drivers to ask their unit questions and receive information in return, either in the form of maps, information displayed on the screen or spoken words. It is both painless and easy to ask the 2360 to look up an address and plan out the most efficient route to it while also taking into consideration the historical traffic data at certain places, avoiding toll roads and using a more fuel efficient and eco-friendly route. This device comes standard with traffic information and updates, assistance with choosing the right lane to be in before an upcoming turn and even junction views which will display street signs to be on the lookout for. While these are useful for driving, the GPS may also be used as a pedestrian when coupled with the extensive maps from cityXplorer that may be downloaded onto the device.

The Garmin nvi 2360LMT comes pre-loaded with City Navigator maps of North America including Canada, the USA and Mexico. These maps are included in Garmin's lifetime traffic and map updates, so they will never be out of date and are updated at least four times every year with information regarding new roads, speed limit changes, address changes for points of interest and much more. These maps are loaded with more than 6 million different points of interest, which include gas stations, hotels, hospitals, ATMs, roadside attractions and much more. The traffic updates include information on the most heavily congested areas, the best and worst times to drive on certain roads and the best alternate routes to take in order to avoid costly delays.

More than just a GPS unit, the Garmin nvi 2360LMT is capable of converting units of measurement and all of the major world currencies in an instant. The 2360LMT has a calculator, world clock with major cities in each time zone and a built-in JPG picture viewer.

There are several major differences between the Garmin 2360LMT and other models. The Garmin 1390LMT and Garmin 2555LMT do not include the option to receive spoken voice commands. However, the 2555LMT offers more extensive traffic updates from Garmin's 3D traffic avoidance system. The high-end GPS unit in the LMT line is the Garmin 3790LMT, which is more slim, but offers an award-winning display of 3D terrain and maps which show prominent structures and landmarks.

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