Benefits of Having Microsoft Unified Messaging

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By Timothy Swenson

The single most annoying reasons for having voice is the requirement to call into an office number to retrieve it. More serious, those who work in more secure corporate environments will have a policy where it's not possible to retrieve voicemail messages except on a specific phone. This is exactly why businesses should consider Microsoft unified messaging. The beauty of this solution is that it doesn't compromise security in any way.

With unified messaging, users can turn to their Outlook email to retrieve their voicemail messages everywhere across the world. All they need to do is to log to the corporate network via Outlook Web Access or VPN. The restrictions of retrieval of voice mail do not affect productivity.

A lot of companies and government organizations use Microsoft Exchange as a way to collaborate via email and instant messaging. The item gets even better when it's integrated with Microsoft unified messaging. For example, you are able to notice that status of co-workers and call them if they're at their desk. You can even IM them.

One more great feature is that it's possible to make calls with the PC alone. Which means a handset will never be required anymore. It's really a PC to PC call or it can be a phone call to wherever. Making PC calls is simpler and frees up more room on the desk for other items.

Most companies are intrigued by Microsoft unified messaging as a result of cost savings which can be achieved. For instance, there will be no need to deploy handsets to most people. The sole people who would want a typical phone will be help desk or customer care staff that still needs the features of any phone. Even so, the technology is improving so quick that handsets for them might not be necessary for much longer.

Also, calls will likely be in the network as much as possible, which can save a small fortune on international calls phone company charges. Even calls to remote offices several thousand miles away can make use of the Internet to save on costs. As well as these remote offices would be integrated with Exchange and Outlook in order that they think that they're a part of the main campus at a reduced cost that what would be possible before.

A terrific feature of Microsoft unified messaging is it makes it much simpler for multiple people to collaborate during one project. As an example, a few people may be examining a Microsoft Project document. They are able to discuss the alterations over voice or IM as every person is making the alterations on the document. It's even possible to locate particular skills to be able to generate the ideal people for the project.

Prior to now, it might require a conference call over long distance to achieve exactly the same thing. Today, all this can be achieved over the network with video conferencing. Meaning business ideas will develop faster without impediments and roadblocks because of technology.

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