The Ideal When Seeking A Smartphone Is The Samsung Galaxy S2

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By Peter Lampari

This mobile device was built to make a first impression to buyers and also to strike fear into its rivals. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been recently launched by the company and is one of their most powerful and newest additions to the family. Many users will enjoy having such a powerful tool to take with them on all of their adventures.

This phone come with an eye catching display and is intended to impress and blow the minds of millions. It has the latest and most efficient features that will simple provide you with a super mini-computer in the palm of your hands. The phone comes in black and white and is carried by most telecommunications providers.

This phone may have been receiving, many positive reviews from its user because of the unique and powerful features it offers at such an affordable price. These features include a 1.5GHz dual core processor, a Samsung Amoled Screen, the android 2.3.5 Gingerbread operating system and it runs on the fastest network, that is, 4G LTE.

All of these aspects allow you to enjoy videos and games without lagging or longer download times. The phone's operations are so smooth you will get addicted to sliding through its user interface so effortlessly. The images on this phone will simply be a highlight because it literally pops out at you.

Although, some may think its external design, looks a bit similar to the iPhone, this is no iPhone. The actual size is 4.5inches, which makes it easy to carry around but also give you a nice display to view videos, play games, etc. You, also get a resolution of 800x480 Pixels, now you can see why it looks, so good.

You also get two cameras with this device, perfect for video chats, checking your make up, etc. You get a camera at the back end of the phone and another on the front of it. Video chatting on your mobile phone is becoming very popular and it is also very convenient. The front camera is 2Mega Pixels and the back camera is 8Mega Pixels, you also have the ability to zoom 4 times the distance.

The phones overall weight is about 4.7oz and isn't that complicated to take around. You also get a lot of memory, more than some netbooks offer today. The phone comes with an external memory of 16GB and an internal memory of 32GB. If you need more, you can buy a larger external memory card but it's a great amount of space for all the things you need. From the feedback of users this phone is a success because of its ability to directly download songs or videos from the internet and the improvements on the talk to text features. The only negative would be the battery life but that depends on the user and how and what they use the phone for?

One con that was seen was the battery life but that depends on use. Many people who use Wi-Fi will not have a lot of battery life available. Overall in terms of cost and features the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great buy. It is a very powerful and unique smart phone, which is growing in popularity. Applications to support the operating system and the device are rapidly being built to meet the demand of user, so there is no need to worry about sufficient apps.

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