The New York Phone System That Leads To Victory

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By Carmen R. McGuinness

The New York phone system that numerous businesses are turning to these days is the VoIP system. When the businesses compare the cost of and the paucity of services offered by the traditional New York phone system, they see that VoIP is cheaper and richer with features.

Voice over Internet protocol, VoIP, is an easy to understand concept. Basically, all it is doing is giving users a method of making phone calls and transmitting other types of communication over the Internet. Businesses that are in big cities like New York or Los Angeles should be able to find VoIP especially painless to set up since they are in most cases already connected to the Internet with a fast connection. Though, of course, not every company has that type of connection and will have to ask their VoIP service provider to set them up with the proper service to enable them to make the switch from the old-time New York phone system.

VoIP offers a great deal of savings and services to those who decide to move away from the traditional New York phone system. Although many folks who have ever paid a phone bill understand how all the little calls and charges add up to a large number and, therefore, understand how much the unlimited calling feature of VoIP can save a business, many decision makers are selecting VoIP for reasons other than cost savings.

In addition to the cost savings brought about by unlimited calling, the most popular service is probably VoIP's local number portability. This works in much the same manner that your cell phone number stays the same whether you are in New York or California. When the device this person is using is hooked up to the Internet, the person is able to use the same VoIP phone number that he or she always would use. Additionally, unlike when using a cell phone from outside of one's home area, when making a computer-to-computer VoIP call there is usually no cost.

Business people are familiar with a good number of the features offered by VoIP technology. Business folks have been leaving voice mails, holding teleconference calls and using virtual business faxes for quite some time. The exciting thing is that even the most technologically savvy business person can not know what the future of VoIP technology will bring, for it is continuously evolving and will soon have us all forgetting the traditional New York phone system.

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