Internet Marketing Tip: What’s With Search Engine Robots?

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Did you know that only 40 percent of search engine users click the second page results? And more than that, only 10 percent are checking the third page results. This just indicates that if you really wanted to be seen online, you need to get high rank. This is where the theory of strategic internet marketing and SEO comes into play. It is important that you will do good SEO to make your website seen in various search engine portals. The key to make that possible is by offering quality content to your readers and potential customers. After all, you know in general that people do not just go to bookmarks or list of their favorite sites when they need answers to their certain query. Majority of the people will directly go to search engines and it is where your website will be seen. This is why the web positioning strategies are really critical. 

Writing Good Content Means…

You will be seen in search engines through your content. While some web marketing experts will tell you to use of keywords, others will explain more deeply of putting tags to your photos. Remember that search engines are only reading the programming code. If you are using flash, it will not improve your ranking in Google because it cannot be optimized as HTML. Search engine could not decipher the videos, sounds and graphics. That is why the positioning of your website through search engine sis through text and HTML tags as well.
Understanding the Search Engine Robots…
If you understand the ownership of the page, the search engine robots are properly indexing it. This allows one to access in all corners, to show clear contents and facilitate for navigation as well. If you are wondering about the Meta tags, these are the codes that are placed in the header. This is also a part of our strategic internet marketing tactics. This is the one that makes description to the features and content of our website. Take note that this is what the search engine robots take into account. The Meta Robots is a tag that is important if you wanted page not to be indexed in search engines. If you wanted a more profound title that refers to your page content, you can make use of Meta Description.
Use Meta Keywords

This is perhaps one of the most important parts of our strategic internetmarketing. You can learn more about noteworthy Meta tags to position your site in Google and other major search engines.