Bring Some Life To Your iPhone

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By Victoria Thrun

If you've recently bought yourself an iPhone, you may think it's so great it doesn't need anything else. The iPhone comes like a newborn baby, bare-bones and unclothed. It might be a good idea for you to put some "clothes" on that iPhone and bring it to life.

A cell phone owner's bling is as important as the tech gadget they bought in the first place! There are so many accessories you can choose from if you want to jazz up your iPhone. These range from the practical to the extravagant, but in any case, bring that much-needed dose of energy to your iPhone.

Your iPhone needs a fashion identity and that means choosing the right "skin." If you want to go basic, you can go with solid colors, or opt for a more glamorous or metallic look. These skins, though, are not to be used as protective measure for the iPhone, and are for the aesthetic appeal only.

When buying skins, think of how you wish to access your phone's screen, buttons, and even the charger outlet. You could even buy several skins to change your iPhone's appearance accordingly to your clothing or mood.

If you like having fun after work, there are wild and adventurous skins to choose from. Since the iPhone screen can be quite fragile, the skins do not do anything to that feature. It's worthwhile to get a screen protector to boot. This is a great way to protect your iPhone from dust and debris, and if you spend a little more, you can get a screen protector that protects your phone from the sun's glare.

The screen protector also reduces damage from scratches. It's easy to the screen protector to mesh with the skins. If you want, you can purchase skins that already have a screen protector as part of the package. It's just as important to protect your iPhone and not just to make it look good.

An iPhone holster is perfect for those men and women who find carrying a purse to be a bit cumbersome. You could get this iPhone holster to work by slinging it on your shoulders or hooking it onto your jeans.

For maximum protection and durability, buy the best quality leather case that you can find. For maximum ease of use while driving or moving around, we recommend Bluetooth for your iPhone as another add-on.

Still, the best way to pimp your iPhone is the most practical and obvious - you can get your iPhone charged easily and quickly with one or two docking stations, one for work and one for home. For really fast moving cell phone users, get a sport band to attach your iPhone to your arm while out jogging so you don't lose touch with anyone while getting your daily dose of exercise.

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