Obtain Insurance Education Credits to Retain Your License

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By Ed Hulse

Insurance education is required for applicants who wish to become agents. They must pass tests that show their knowledge is sufficient to help their clients. Each state has its own exam. It is a complicated industry, with many rules and regulations. Knowledge of all facets of it is essential to provide a valuable service to clients.

The insurance industry was developed to protect people from loss due to accidents. It was not designed to put the policy holder in better financial condition, only to compensate for the losses they have incurred. Typically, policies with higher deductibles are less expensive because there is less risk involved for the company.

Developed to help people recover from financially damaging accidents, the insurance industry acts by pooling policy payments. When some of its members suffer financial losses due to accidents, money is taken from the pool. Companies may stop selling certain types of insurance, for example flood insurance, if the losses in an area are too high. There are very strict regulations concerning this.

The only people who are legally authorized to sell insurance policies are licensed agents. Each type of policy that is available requires that the agent is tested and licensed to sell it. Any kind of policy, like for life and property policies, requires a test. The names of the tests are referred to by number, for example, Series 6 or Series 63.

For financial advisers who will be selling stocks and bonds, another test is required. The Series 7 is a detailed exam that covers all aspects of investing and risk management. It is a very difficult test. Most people study for it for several months before attempting it.

Obtaining a license is only the first step. It is an ongoing process to keep the license in effect. Each state has specific requirements for continuing education so that the agents continually update their knowledge. Most of the courses are self-study and many can be completed online.

Most companies will only hire college graduates with a bachelor's degree. Often, students will focus on areas in business so that they can have a firm grasp of the industry. The nature of the work demands a constant interaction with clients. Sometimes groups of clients will be presented with information. It is beneficial to have courses in public speaking so agents can get their message across successfully.

Serve your clients better by taking advantage of all of the insurance education available. It is not only for passing tests. It is for ensuring you know as much as possible about the industry so you can provide exemplary service. While similar in content, each area has its own rules for educational requirements.

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