Hosted PBX: A New Small Business Phone System

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By Phyllis X. Eady

An IP phone based small business phone system provides several benefits to small, large and new businesses. Startups can focus on other capital expenses and earmark an IP phone system as operational costs with discounted leasing plans. Successful business now have the option to swap antiquated PBX phone systems for VoIP IP phone services without disruption of services and retain their business number. IP phones offer greater functionality and cloud supported customization for business call traffic.

Never miss a customer call with VoIP services because remote and mobile features are common elements.

Additional value is added in the VoIP small business phone system because of onsite and offsite assets that connect your business team. Your VoIP hosting provider maintains offsite data centers to guarentee your customer calls, voice messages, emails, faxes, sms and video are processed through a customization process during your initial setup. A VoIP consultant will assist your small business communication changes, programming your IP phones and adjusting your Web portal integrated services. Client data and communication will remain uncompromised and uninterrupted with VoIP small business phone system backups that keep your clients connected, your personnel productive and business open.

Minimal training and IP phone feature program setup will rapidly pay off after your old telephones are retired for high-tech, high-definition Internet based phones that require minimal setup. Most VoIP providers offer the latest high-definition audio IP phones and will have dedicated support through current and upgrade models during your lease. Cloud-based VoIP services integrate call management software with handset and wireless technology. Standard IP phones include desktop and wireless units of several styles and purposes. ADA compliant headset and microphones are available. Desktop IP phones contain LCD monitors for quick voice messaging access in single button features. XML web-based data is quickly accessed with a single button access too. Similar single button features include call history and directories. Large business executives and small business owners will find a programmable IP phone productive and helpful. The best local VoIP hosted PBX providers will have over one hundred features.

Another powerful aspect of hosted VoIP solutions includes Direct Inward Dialing (DID) that creates a direct phone number for immediate access for your customers. DIDs offer a local telephone number for customers nationwide. Clients will perceive your business a local call away and the cost is included in a monthly service lease.

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