Application Mobile Testing

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By Jason L. Beanster

Computers once monopolized the scenery of digital purchases. Someone would log on to his computer; view a website; try to find an item; and purchase it digitally.

Individuals continue to get digital purchases, but these days also on mobiles and tablets. Mobile phone and tablets present a new issue for internet business: unique load times, purchasing issues, and errors which may cause a huge selection of sales lost.

The tablet industry is expected to rise 38% between now and 2015, rising from 67 million units to 248.6, in accordance with Transparency Marketing Research. With this sort of massive growth expected to occur, websites should be more trained in order to handle the flow of customers visiting webpages on tablets or cell phones. Everyday, numerous users of tablets and phones visit an online site to make a purchase.

What regularly occurs with websites not conditioned for these mistakes on your purchasing screen. A user may try to buy one item from his phone or tablet and various errors will occur, such as improper loading, item number problems, and drop down screen issues. The user who originally wanted to purchase your item from the website may now look elsewhere. By applying the proper performance testing services, you could be better prepared to prevent such modest issues from occurring. Having flaws on a mobile device is bad, but experiencing slow load times is impossible to deal with. Imagine going onto a website from your tablet device and each page taking half a minute or more to load.

In an age where 4G/3G speeds and downstream rates of speed of 6 Mbps for wireless Internet exist, there will be no reason for slower load times. Sure, response times will not be as quick on a mobile phone as they definitely will be on a home computer, but with full signal bars, no individual should wait one minute to load a single webpage.

Run some tests making sure that all mobile users obtain the best possible load time for your company's information. Use mobile application testing tools when needed, because your web visitors will either ignore or not buy anything from your web site if it is too slow for his or her liking. Smart phones will continue to get smarter, while tablets will continue to provide wireless admission to the Internet using cell towers. As the mobile industry expands, companies should start preparing for the purchases individuals will make with their mobile phones or lose out on money in potential sales.

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