Debt Validation Letter Sample

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By Allan Henry

This article is written for the purpose to provide people like you with some debt validation letter sample ideas. It is somewhat difficult to provide a full debt validation letter that will automatically work for your situation. So instead I am offering my expert opinion on what should be included when writing a debt validation letter.

To understand everything that must go into writing a great debt validation letter you need to do some serious research. Much more than I can provide in one single article. Search online for and you will find everything you need to know to compose your own, high quality, debt validation letters. There you will also find a large amount of debt validation letter samples.

Before we get into the debt validation letter sample ideas, I want to reinforce to you that each credit card debt situation is different. The ideas that I am providing are only meant as ideas and are not meant to be the perfect answer to all situations.

I have seen a common mistake made in hundreds of debt validation letters. That mistake is to admit that you owe the creditor or collector money. The reason that you are sending the debt validation letter in the first place is to dispute this claim that they are making. To me this tip is the most valuable debt validation letter sample idea.

A second great idea when sending a debt validation letter is to respond correctly to the often-made claim that you have defaulted on a loan from your creditor. This is never true because creditors or banks do not loan you money to use on your credit card. That money comes from other places than the bank itself. I always require the bank to provide valid proof that they had funds in their possession and then loaned them to me with a valid, signed and dated agreement.

These two debt validation letter sample ideas are a great start to knowing what to include in your debt validation letter. Be sure to continue to do more research before you send these letters out to ensure that you get the best results. A well-written debt validation letter can in many cases free you from your credit card debt entirely. Don't take these letters lightly!

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