The Countless Self Tanning Methods

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By Haywood Hunter

Self tanning is meant to be an easy method of slightly darkening the color of your skin. This type of tanning usually involves many different methods by which one can achieve their goal of a tan, without involving the sun. Some of these self tanning methods are much more preferred than others because they are safer than the sun and a lot more convenient in many cases.

There are many self tanning agents on the market, but of those, the most popular involve: air brushing, tanning beds, pills and lotions. Not all of these self tanning products are recommended and some are not even considered safer than using the sun to tan. Air brushing and lotions probably rank as the safest, while the tanning beds and pills are considered as the least safe of self tanning methods. The information on the methods below will give you a better understanding of their benefits and help you to make a better choice about your self tanning agent.

Lotions: the lotions either work to darken the skin overtime or add a bronze layer to the skin. Skin darkening lotions work on the epidermal layers of the under skin to supposedly increase the production of melanin. The bronzers just add a tan layer and do not change the pigmentation of your skin.These are much more preferred as self tanning agents than the lotions.

Pills: these cause increased secretion of melanin in the skin, just like some tanning lotions. The mechanism of darkening is unclear and therefore the use of pills is not supported by doctors. Also of importance is that the FDA does not endorse the pills available for self tanning.

Air Brushing: this is a way to get an even tan. It involves having a tanning lotion of formula air brushed unto the skin. The air brushing method gives it an even and smooth look. This like the bronzer is a harmless and much preferred self tanning agent.

Tanning beds: these are the most unsafe to use for self tanning. They cause the emission of ultra violet rays much like the sun and thus are just as unsafe. Many people hence do not recommend their use.

A myriad of self tanning methods exist. It is however the responsibility of the customer to find out their positive and negative effects of all the self tanning agents and methods they want to use. Only choose the ones that will not compromise your health. They will work just as well as those that do.

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