Mobile Testing Automation

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By Jason L. Beanster

The planet today can surely witness the boost of Mobile phone area. From feature phones to Smartphones mobile handsets are flowing through in to specialized niche like never ever before.

Reported by Gartner 428 Million Mobile Connection Gadgets Sold Worldwide in First Quarter 2011, a 19 Percent Increase Year-on-Year. Manufacturers, Carriers Platforms are coming up with their unique mobile application stores of free and compensated application.

From mobile video games to company applications and from enjoyment to LBS programs cell application stores are having applications from all horizons. Over 300,000 mobile apps are actually developed in last 3 years and apps have been downloaded 10.9 billion times. But using the opportunities with this market the competition is also getting more frustrating and tougher. Just to place in a indisputable fact that one in four mobile apps once downloaded are never used again. Consequently there is no hesitation that in order to survive in this specialized niche Mobile Developers needs to find good Ideas and with Good quality of Mobile applications. Here is where Mobile Application Testing comes in the image.

Mobile Application Testing is totally new relating to testing. Writing about the challenges I should to emphasize that Mobile Application Testing challenges are somewhat linked but a bit distinctive as per the Mobile Developers thus as for Mobile QAS. However before indulging immediately in to Mobile Application checking, we ought to be aware that what are the real challenges and tough situations this industry is facing.

Thousands of Cell Handsets: For portable builders, without doubt it is one of the prevalent challenges that they could ever face. With the intention to arrive at a mobile application, one needs to be very sure in regards to the devices they can be targeting. According to an enquiry 1388.2 million handsets were purchased in year 2010. These tools are of varied screen sizes, input options (QWERTY, touch, normal) with varying hardware performance. Being aware of the indisputable fact that testing on every device is not possible in any respect, the diversity in handsets is a wide undertaking for Mobile builders.

Diverse Mobile Platforms/OS: You will find different Platforms/OS presently contained in the market place. Android, IOS, BREW, BREWMP, Symbian, Windows 7, Blackberry (RIM) etc. Diversity in mobile programs, varying OS differences and platform exclusions cause it to be to a small degree difficult and demanding for producing mobile apps consequently for testing them. There may be chance of inconsistency in cases of performance across multiple devices of same platform and each platform could possibly have some restrictions.

Different Mobile Carriers/Manufacturers:-There usually are different mobile phone carriers already in the market and every originator could possibly have some norms with regards to the mobile application, in case the application is coming preinstalled in the device.

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