Benefits Of Using A Hosted PBX

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By Shiela E. Gilmore

The latest telephone technology is used by means of a hosted PBX, which is short for a public branch exchange. Telecommunications is a gigantic issue for all modern businesses since rapid communication is essential between co-workers and clients; without a good telephone system in place, efficiency and sales will both plummet. A number of businesses, both big and small, are making a change and coordinating with Internet based phone services instead of traditional phone providers. What are a few of the advantages that companies are deriving from their switch to hosted telecommunications through a PBX? And could these services be a nice match for your business, fulfilling all of your needs at a lower price than you are accustomed to paying?

Offices must be able to effectively route calls from many different sources and this is the main focus of hosted PBX systems. Every single call that comes in to or goes out from your office is important, so you want to be sure that your routing system is treating each individual call with care and attention. Clients who ask for assistance might become irritated if their calls are dropped or they are re-routed to the wrong extension, but if you have a quality PBX routing program in place, you can be sure that all your calls will be attended to properly.

A hosted PBX system is also capable of offering many of the same services that traditional phone providers offer with their plans. Voicemail is critical to all businesses because you cannot always be there to answer the phone; this is provided through PBX. Many offices depend on conference calls to arrange meetings with various teams of co-workers and with clients, so PBX systems come with this feature as well. Additional services such as call forwarding and call prioritizing which automatically connects a caller to the first available employee can also be included in a PBX plan.

The bottom line for many companies is how much their telecommunications service will cost them each month. PBX programs are lower cost than most other phone services because the entire system is being hosted; your company does not have to pay for an entire set of new phones and routers since they come with your PBX plan.

Analyzing a series of options is the best way to decide which phone service to use in your office. Many business people have seen that a hosted PBX offers them the best services at the lowest prices.

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