The Advantages And Disadvantages Of VoIP

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By Frank Hayes

There are many people who think that Voice over IP technology, also known as VoIP, is the latest and greatest thing when it comes to phone services. There are many distinct benefits to this new technology that make it something all homes and businesses should consider. However, like any new technology there are a few drawbacks that people should be aware of before changing over completely.

Probably the biggest pro for this technology is that it is cheap. It is virtually free to call anyone in the world who also has a computer and this technology installed. In addition, people can now call land lines and mobile phones using this technology and they can do it at much cheaper rates than on a regular phone.

People who support voice over IP also say that portability is a big advantage. It can basically be used anywhere that has an internet connection fast enough to support it. For people who are constantly traveling or who move around a lot, this is a great benefit because it saves the hassle of setting up a new service.

Traditional phones are also limited in some of the things they can do. Voice over IP has all of the same features, usually for free, but can also do some things like send photos or documents that people cannot do on a traditional phone. This is a big benefit for people who do a lot of work while they travel or who enjoy sending pictures.

People should also be aware that there are a few disadvantages as well. The first one is that it requires not only electricity but a fairly fast internet connection to work. This could be a bad thing if there are outages in power or the person is trying to make calls from a place that does not have good internet speed.

Also, these phones cannot be used effectively to make emergency calls. Although this service is getting better it is still not safe to use in case of emergency. 911 operators can track a person instantly on a regular phone but have yet to figure out how to do it with VoIP.

VoIP has a lot of benefits and only a few negatives so people should definitely consider making it part of their phone services. They can save money and have a lot more flexibility than using a normal phone service. With so many advantages people should start using it as soon as possible.

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